Our new sermon series called, “Making Space At The Table” focuses on hospitality. Often we think of hospitality as entertainment. If hospitality is just a task, we will all miss the point.  Even if we feel compelled to be obedient, our hearts won’t be in it.  To sustain an open welcoming heart and not burn out takes more than “to do’s” and duty.  It takes the realization that God’s own welcoming heart resides in us.  Remember, we are not doing hospitality on our own; the Spirit is reaching out to each of us to collaborate.  When we understand ourselves as being inhabited by the Holy Spirit, hospitality is who we are, not just what we do.  Our hope is that hospitality will happen everywhere, all the time, in each of us.


We’ve created a hospitality idea generator where you can either pick a challenge randomly or see a list of ideas. We offer it as a way to come up with creative ideas for sharing your heart and home as people of hospitality, not as a checklist. Scroll down to give it a try!

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Hospitality Challenge Generator

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